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Uncategorized May 25 2023
4 Reasons Why You Should Enrol in a Data Analytics Course

With an influx of companies going digital, there is also a greater reliance on data, as well as professionals who can translate it into useful information. Data analytics in Singapore is in high demand for two key reasons — Singapore is a tech-centric smart nation, and for a country whose only natural resource is local talent, there are undoubtedly gaps that require filling. While it goes without saying that a career in data analytics isn’t cut out for everyone; if you’re keeping an open mind about it and are considering enrolling in data analytics courses in Singapore, here are several reasons why this could be a life-changer for you.


Abundance of Job Opportunities


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The bottom line is that the rate at which companies are going digital is much faster than that of people who are enrolling in data analytics in order to be skilled enough to take on those positions. This results in a shortage of data analytics professionals to meet that high job demand. If you’re considering taking up data analytics courses in Singapore, the chances of you finding suitable employment after graduation will likely remain high in the coming years. This also gives you the opportunity to explore different roles within data analytics as well. 


Attractive Salary


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A high demand for data analytics professionals can only mean one thing, and that’s theattractive salary package for prospective employees. Companies have reportedly offered data analytics hopefuls up to a 50% increase in salary in a bid to secure their services. Fresh graduates can expect a starting salary of about S$4,000 a month, while data analysts with 10 years of experience can earn up to S$10,000 a month. This is indeed compelling data to suggest why data analytics in Singapore is shaping up to be such a lucrative career option.


Job Opportunities across Many Sectors


 Job Opportunities across Many Sectors


Data analytics is often associated with the tech industry, but the reality is that many industries work closely with data in their day-to-day operations, especially in finance, healthcare, retail, logistics, and human resource management. Data is also frequently relied upon in marketing campaigns, which any organisation looking to establish themselves in their respective industries are required to execute to some extent. This flexibility allows you to explore different sectors and gain invaluable insight into how each of them functions, shaping you to be a more versatile data analyst in the long run. Enrolling in data analytics courses in Singapore will equip you with essential skills that are needed across all industries so you can thrive wherever you choose to venture into. 


Rebuild Your Career; No Prerequisites Needed


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Data analytics courses in Singapore aren’t just for next-generation trailblazers and trendsetters; those seeking a mid-career switch shouldn’t be put off by the notion of doing so with data analytics as there aren’t any prerequisites to enrol in these courses, although having an interest in numbers and programming is certainly a step in the right direction. Essentially, all you need is an open mind in exploring the world of data and the desire to pick up the necessary skills to excel in the industry. If you find yourself stuck in a career rut with nowhere to go, perhaps availing yourself to data analytics in Singapore could just be the timely reboot that you’ve been looking for. 


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