We offer courses and certificates for individuals that want to learn more about in-demand tech skills in the 20th century. With Smartcademy, Singapore’s leading digital academy, you can learn about digital marketing, data analytics, user experience design, web development, mobile application development and so much more.

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You will learn about the ins and outs of Digital Marketing and how it works and what is its purpose.

Learn how to analyze data and build visual dashboards!

Learn about what makes websites/mobile apps functional and aesthetically pleasing with this course.

Smartcademy Web App Development Singapore

Interested in learning more about web application development? This course will teach you the fundamentals of web development.

Smartcademy Mobile App Development Singapore

React Native is used by many mobile app developers, find how to build mobile apps with this framework!

Learn how to keep websites and web applications secure from threats with our Cyber Security course.