Why Cyber Security?

“The first six months of 2019 have seen more than 3,800 publicly disclosed breaches exposing an incredible 4.1 billion compromised records.”
– Forbes, 2019

Closer to home, we have seen the security breach of SingHealth where 1.5 million SingHealth patients had their personal particulars stolen.

This validates the need for cyber security experts to defend our digital assets and prevent them from getting stolen.

Enter the Cyber Security industry with our Intro To Cyber Security course that gives you the fundamentals to jumpstart your career!

Companies that hire Cyber Security Talents



  • Course will span across 6 lessons
  • Each lesson will be 3 hours and meals are provided
  • No prior technical background is required

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Course Schedule

February 2020 Intake:

  • 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 Feb & 1 Mar
  • Friday: 7PM – 10PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 12PM – 3PM


  • Singapore Management University

Course Outline

Learning Objectives 1.0:

Have a better understanding of the computing fundamentals required to do penetration testing


  • Introduction to the Linux Operating System
  • Communicating in a network
  • TCP/IP Ports
  • Working with netcat

Learning Objectives 2.0:

Understand the security kill-chain in penetration testing

Learn how to perform reconnaissance as a hacker

Learn how to perform information gathering


  • What is security kill-chain?
  • How to perform reconnaissance against an unknown network
  • Using nmap: a general-purpose network scanner
  • Using nikto: a general-purpose web scanner
  • Using wpscan: a specialised WordPress security scanner
  • Information Gathering with OSINT

Learning Objectives 3.0:

Get acquainted with the OWASP Top 10

Learn about SQL Injection, a web vulnerability that has devastated multiple real-world websites

Know more about what makes a password secure and how to crack weak ones


  • What is the OWASP Top 10?
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Learn about SQL Injection
  • What is a hash?
  • What makes a password secure?
  • How to crack weak password hashes and how to protect against it

Learning Objectives 4.0:

  • Learn about SQLMap, an advanced SQL Injection automation tool
  • Understand the two different types of remote shells
  • Be capable of combining vulnerabilities to gain remote command execution on a vulnerable server


  • What is SQLMap?
  • Bind Shell vs Reverse Shell
  • Putting it all together – from vulnerability to shell

Learning Objectives 5.0:

Understand the common tools associated with post-exploitation, namely:

Learn about the post-exploitation enumeration tools

Learn about privilege escalation to gain superuser access


  • What is Post-Exploitation?
  • What can you do once you gain access on their system?
  • How to find interesting files on the system?
  • What is privilege escalation?
  • How do I gain superuser access?

Learning Objectives 6.0:

Learning about OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

Discussion on Capstone Project


  • What is ZAP?
  • Performing directory enumeration using ZAP
  • Testing for SQL injection using ZAP

Kick-start Your Career in Cyber Security

Emerging Industry
Demand for Cyber Security Experts is booming right now.
High Salary
Salary can go up to S$120k for a mid-level Cyber Security Experts.
Future Prospects
Cyber Security will be at the forefront of tech revolution 4.0

According to IMDA Chief Executive, over 42,000 additional information and communications technology professionals will be needed over the next three years, including in industries like finance, healthcare and logistics.

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