Why Digital Marketing?

“There is a high demand in Singapore for specialised e-commerce, digital marketing, and data science talent, but a shortage of supply, with companies seeking leaders who can drive digital strategy while anticipating technology disruptors.”
– Straits Times, 2019

This goes to show that Singapore companies need more digital marketers and this industry will only grow bigger!

Our industry-vetted curriculum is constantly enhanced to keep up with shifting demands. Acquire industry secrets, competitive skills, and access to resources to that will maximise your potential.

Join the ever-growing industry of digital marketing through our Intro To Digital Marketing course!

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  • Course will span across 6 lessons
  • Each lesson will be 3 hours and meals are provided
  • No prior marketing/technical background is required

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Course Schedule

February 2020 Intake:

  • 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 Feb & 1 Mar
  • Friday: 7PM – 10PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 12PM – 3PM


  • Singapore Management University

Course Outline

Learning Objectives 1.0:

Fundamentals and Data-driven Marketing


  • Course introduction
  • Digital marketing experimentation fundamentals: thinking in the “build, test, learn” framework
  • Digital marketing objectives, KPIs, and metrics
  • Digital channel landscape

Learning Objectives 2.0:

Social Media: Organic & Paid


  • Top social media platforms and organic use cases
  • Facebook ads fundamentals and structure
  • Campaign setup and ad specifications for Facebook and Instagram

Learning Objectives 3.0:

SEO & Content Marketing


  • Website elements and their influence on SEO rankings
  • Keyword research fundamentals
  • Content creation for SEO
  • Backlinks analysis and prospecting strategy

Learning Objectives 4.0:

Paid Search


  • Keywords analysis for SEM
  • Structure and setup campaigns on Google Ads
  • Analyze and optimize campaign performance and bidding
  • Unified App Campaign (UAC) and Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) management

Learning Objectives 5.0:

Analytics & Measurement


  • Google Analytics practicum: how to assess your site for common marketing challenges and insights
  • Apply statistical analysis to testing and analysis in digital marketing
  • Compare the usefulness of different digital attribution models
  • Ideate and design A/B test on prior channels covered
  • Understand data collection through tags and UTM codes

Learning Objectives 6.0:

CRM & Capstone Project review


  • Develop an overall retargeting and retention strategy for your business
  • Map and execute email marketing campaigns to your consumer lifecycle
  • Explore other remarketing tactics available on social, search, and app
  • Discuss and review Capstone projects to identify key learnings as well as areas of improvement

Course Instructors

Frank Ng
Performance Marketing Manager

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Kick-start Your Career in Digital Marketing

Emerging Industry
Demand for Digital Marketers is booming right now.
High Salary
Salary can go up to S$120k for a mid-level Digital Marketers.
Future Prospects
Online media has outstripped offline media.

According to IMDA Chief Executive, over 42,000 additional information and communications technology professionals will be needed over the next three years, including in industries like finance, healthcare and logistics.

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