Why User Experience Design?

“Companies are actively investing to build up talent in UX and UI as user satisfaction with the online interaction experience of products has taken top priority.”
– Straits Times, 2019

It is needless to say that UX talents are in high demand right now in the market!

User Experience (UX) is defined as the overall experience of a person when using a product (such as a website), specifically referring to how easy or pleasing the product is to use.

Therefore, a product/service with great UX will generate brand loyalty by placing their users as their top priority!

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  • Course will span across 6 lessons, each lesson will be 3 hours
  • Additional 3 hours of assignments & capstone project on top of the lessons
  • No prior design/technical background is required

Course Fees

Course fees will be S$2500 before funding support.

Funding Support

Eligible Singaporeans/PRs can apply for funding support up to 90% (T&C applies). ONLY Eligible Singaporeans who fits the criteria as a Student/Full-Time NSF/Just ORD can apply for funding support up to 100% (T&C applies). For more info, click here!

Course Schedule

Aug 2020 Intake: (Live Webinar if required)

  • 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16 Aug 2020
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9AM – 12PM or 12PM – 3PM

Sep 2020 Intake: (Live Webinar if required)

  • 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 Sep 2020
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9AM – 12PM or 12PM – 3PM


  • Live Webinar (if required)
  • Singapore Management University

Course Outline

Learning Objectives 1.0:

Introduction to User Experience Design


  • What is User Experience design?
  • UX VS UI
  • Why is UX important?
  • Who practices UX

Learning Objectives 1.1:

Project Introduction


  • How will the project work?
  • What you’re expected to deliver
  • Our schedule for the rest of the class
  • How you’ll be assessed
  • Project Brief
  • Team formation

Learning Objectives 2.0:

Overview of the different User Research


  • Why user research?
  • Who are the users?
  • What do we need to know about our users?
  • Double diamond process
  • Types of user research

Learning Objectives 2.1:

Deep dive into user interview


  • Intro to user interview
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to conduct a user interview
  • Post-interview

Learning Objectives 2.2:

Intro to Competitive, comparison and task analysis


  • Why competitive/comparison analysis?
  • Different examples of competitive analysis
  • Understanding task analysis

Learning Objectives 3.0:

Synthesize data collected from qualitative research


  • Intro to Affinity Mapping
  • Affinity Mapping Exercise

Learning Objectives 3.1:

Intro to Persona


  • What is a user persona
  • Examples of user personas
  • Exercise

Learning Objectives 4.0:

Intro to Prototyping


  • What is prototyping
  • Benefits of a prototype
  • Crazy 8’s Exercise
  • User Scenario
  • HMW statement

Learning Objectives 4.1:

Usability testing


  • What is Usability testing?
  • Why is usability testing so important?
  • How to conduct it?
  • Usability testing exercise

Learning Objectives 5.0:

Intro to Figma


  • Key difference between Figma app
  • Key and essential features used in Figma
  • Basic of sketch app walkthrough
  • Commonly used hotkeys to speed up your workflow
  • User interface (UI) Exercise
  • Resources

Learning Objectives 5.1:

Sketch app / Figma Exercise


  • Start translating User Interface
  • Gather inspirations from similar apps
  • Learn how to source for resources around designing an app

Learning Objectives 6.0:

Intro to Marvel app prototyping tool


  • Prototyping Exercise: Goat app
  • Getting started with Marvel app
  • Marvel Class Exercise
  • Today’s most used tools in the industry
  • Sharing of artefacts with the class

Course Instructors

Product Owner

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Emerging Industry
Demand for User Experience Designers is booming right now.
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Salary can go up to S$120k for a mid-level User Experience Designers.
Future Prospects
Companies are placing greater emphasis on User Experience.

According to EDB, some 50,000 ICT jobs are expected to be created in Singapore in the next few years. Michael Page also released that demand for technology jobs in Singapore rose by over 20% in the past 12 months.

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