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Why User Experience Design?

UX design is listed as one of the best 50 jobs to have in 2022 in a Glassdoor Survey

– Glassdoor Survey, 2022


“In the span of five years, this user experience and design team in DBS has grown from two people to 60, which is indicative of the value that design as a function brings to the business” said Mr Lawrence Wong, Finance Minister

– Straits Times, 4 Feb 2021


Ever wondered how the websites you visit are functional, easy to read and access? These are the works of UX designers. If you want to try being one, then go get a UX design course from Smartcademy Singapore!


The user experience design course from Smartcademy is an in-depth look and feel of how UX has become one of the most crucial aspects of web development.

User experience has been endlessly regarded as the ‘face value’ of a website and most of us agree.

Up To 70% Funding Support Available For Singaporean & PRs*

This programme has been accredited under the IBF Standards, and is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all eligibility criteria being met. Find out more on www.ibf.org.sg

Companies that
hire our graduates

Our tech course graduates work as Data Analysts, Digital Marketers and User Experience (UX) Designers at some of the most successful companies in our era. Why do companies hire our alumni? They are equipped with industry relevant skills that are taught by our strong academic team.

Course Overview

  • Course will span across 8 lessons, each lesson will be 3 hours
  • Consist of assignments, assessments & capstone project
  • Minimum of at least 75% attendance required
  • Capstone Project Submission is required for Course Completion
  • Mode of conduct: Live Webinar
  • No prior programming/technical background is required
  • Receive a professional UX Design Certificate upon course completion

Upcoming Classes

Intro To User Experience Design – March Intake 2023: (TBC)

  • 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 March 2023
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9AM – 12PM or 1PM – 4PM


Intro To User Experience Design – April Intake 2023: (TBC)

  • 1, 2, 8, 15, 16, 23, 29, 30 April 2023
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9AM – 12PM or 1PM – 4PM


You can pick one of the time slots above.
Kindly note that you have to commit to the time slot chosen for the above dates.

Intro To User Experience Design – March Intake 2023

Intro To User Experience Design – April Intake 2023

⚡️ Industry Placement Assistance (IPA)

Smartcademy will provide Industry Placement Assistance (IPA) to our alumni that completed any of our courses.

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⭐️ Prepare yourself for success
⭐️ Learn and apply to industry context


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Terms and conditions apply.

Course Fees

Course Fees: S$4,320 w/ 8% GST before subsidy


For Eligible Self-Sponsored / Company-Sponsored:
Nett Course Fees after 70% IBF Subsidy: S$1,520 w/ 8% GST (For Singaporeans that are 40 years old and above, capped at $3,000)
Nett Course Fees after 50% IBF Subsidy: S$2,320 w/ 8% GST (For Singaporeans below 40 years & PRs regardless of age, capped at $3,000)


📌 3 Months (Interest-Free) Instalment Option Available Via Our Payment Partner (PACE) for the remaining 30%/50% of the course fees 📌


All Singaporeans age 25 years old and above can use their SkillsFuture Credit to pay for the remaining $1,520 / $2,320.


For more info on your eligibility, click on the link below.

Funding Support

IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS)

This programme has been accredited under the IBF Standards, and is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

Find out more on www.ibf.org.sg

Frequently Asked Questions

UX is more than just about appealing visuals – it creates a customer journey which encourages users to explore a product or click through web pages to perform a desired outcome.

It helps to provide positive experiences that keep users engaged with a website, which in turn makes them more likely to become customers.

The hands-on participative component of our UX design course in Singapore requires students to build a portfolio which they can utilise to showcase their prospective employers.

Many of our graduates have gone on to land job roles or successfully did a career switch to the relevant field despite having zero background in UX Design.

The IBF Standards Training Scheme (“IBF-STS”) provides funding for data analytics training in Singapore and assessment programmes accredited under the Skills Framework for Financial Services.

For our training programmes that are accredited under the IBF Standards, eligible Singaporeans & PRs can apply for funding support under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

For training programmes commencing from 1 Jan 2023 onwards:

  • 50% of direct training cost*
  • Only Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above will be eligible for 70% co-funding of direct training costs.
  • Funding support is capped at $3,000
  • Kindly note that from 3 Oct 2022, GST funding support will no longer be applicable for all courses.
  • Funding of training courses under the Critical Core skills and Future-Enabled skills categories will only be available to locals (Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents) employed in the financial sector (i.e. by financial institutions or SFA certified FinTech firms)

For more information on the funding support, please visit: https://www.ibf.org.sg/programmes/Pages/IBF-STS.aspx

For Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above, you may use your SkillsFuture Credits to pay for the remaining course fees. A step-by-step guide will be emailed to you to guide you with the claim application.

Yes, the User Experience Design course is supported under the UTAP program.

Under this program, NTUC members can enjoy up to $250 course fee support (subject to eligibility requirements).

Upon successful completion of our UX design course, attendees will be awarded a UX Design IBF-accredited certificate.

The UX Design course curriculum is designed for beginners without any relevant background. There will be live guided learning assisted by experienced trainers and training assistants.

Course Outline


  • Introduction to UX design


  • What is User Experience design?
  • UX VS UI 
  • Why is UX important?
  • Building empathy
  • Role of a UX designer and researcher


  • Introduction to User Research


  • What is user research?
  • Why understand our users?
  • Qualitative and Quantitative user research methods
  • Conducting a user interview


  • UX Storytelling


  • Analysing data with an Affinity map
  • UX storytelling
  • User persona
  • Customer journey map
  • Empathy map


  • Ideation and prototyping


  • Ideate solutions to address a user problem
  • Creating user flows 
  • Creating a prototype with Whimsical
  • Prototyping on Marvel


  • Evaluating usability


  • Describing usability
  • Conducting a heuristic evaluation
  • Conducting a usability test
  • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data


  • Designing with Figma


  • UI design fundamentals
  • Key features on Figma
  • How to use Figma
  • Basic prototyping on Figma


  • Building an MVP


  • What is an MVP?
  • Why an MVP?
  • How to build an MVP
  • Prioritising features


  • Mock presentation & Kickstarting a UX Career


  • Mock presentation
  • What is a UX portfolio?
  • How do you create a UX portfolio?

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