Industry Placement Assistance (IPA)

This Industry Place Assistance (IPA) page covers the details of how we will be assisting you with an industry placement after completing a course from Smartcademy including all terms & conditions. For other questions that are not addressed here, feel free to contact us here.

Industry Placement Assistance (IPA) Details

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This Industry Placement Assistance (IPA) is value-added service that Smartcademy provides to all trainees that sign up for any of our courses starting after 5th March 2022 onwards.


Smartcademy will support our trainees by linking them up with our industry partners for an industry placement whereby trainees will be assisting on a project / problem statement for our partners.


Our industry partners will offer full-time positions to trainees who they deem good fit for their companies after the industry placement.

Please indicate that you are keen to receive the IPA by ticking the IPA checkbox at our Apply Now Page.

  1. Indicate interest when signing up
  2. Complete the course
  3. Career development team will contact you
  4. Accept the offer of IPA
  5. Join our industry partner

Usually, our industry partners will give our alumni an allowance for their time and effort. The amount varies from company to company. Smartcademy will not be involved in the discussion of allowance between our alumni and the industry partners.

Alumni will be allocated to an industry placement that may or may not be related to the course that they have taken.

Alumni will not be able to choose the companies that they will work with.

Usually it will take about 2 – 4 weeks after course completion, however, we will do our best to ensure that our Alumni will receive an offer within 6 months.

Course Registration

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Most of our courses do not require any prior background knowledge.


For courses that require prior background knowledge, it will be stated clearly on the course page.

All our courses are conducted Online via Live Webinar-style on Zoom.


Video camera has to be turn on at all times during the lesson.

Smartcademy Pte. Ltd. only accepts Bank Transfer / PayNow.


Bank details will be provided in the invoice sent via email.


Please include your Full Name & Invoice Number for Payment Reference.

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