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Mark Kevin Lejano Martinez
Image Quality Assistant, Beyondsoft International

Meet Mark Kevin, an alumnus of Smartcademy’s Data Analytics course.


Mark did a mid-career switch to his current role as a Print Quality Assistant Engineer. His desire to move over to a more hands-on role where there’s flexibility to apply practical knowledge prompted him to upskill in Data Analytics.



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Completed Data Analytics Course

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Hi! My name is Mark. I did a career switch after completing Smartcademy’s Data Analytics course.  My previous job was more theoretical, the course helped me to secure my current role as an Image Quality Assistant where I have more flexibility to apply Data Analytics-related skills.


Why did you choose to take up Smartcademy’s Data Analytics course?

I wanted to venture into research and learning programming languages. I decided to take up the course because it has a strong focus on core skills like Python and SQL.


Share your learning experiences at Smartcademy with us.

My trainer is very knowledgeable about the concepts shared. The courses are beginner-friendly and lessons are easy to understand, regardless of your background knowledge. We were able to learn at our own pace through the extensive online learning material.

It was a pleasant learning experience, with adequate support from the trainers and teaching assistants.


How has the course helped you to secure your current job role?

I’ve learned useful skills like Data Organisation (using Python and SQL) and presentation (using Tableau).

The best part is that anybody can benefit from the course; from fresh graduates to career-switchers like me, or even industry professionals who wish to add more skillsets to their repertoire. To me, signing up for this course was a silver lining in my career, and definitely one of my best life decisions.


Summarise your experience with Smartcademy in one word.
If I were to summarise my experience at Smartcademy in one word, it will be Life-changing.