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Choo Wei Xian
Data Engineer, Liteon

Meet Wei Xian, an alumnus of Smartcademy’s Data Analytics course.


Wei Xian majored in Oil & Gas back in University. Having completed the Data Analytics course, he successfully transitioned to his current role that is aligned with his passion and interest as a Mechanical Engineer at Liteon.



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Completed Data Analytics Course

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Hi! My name is Wei Xian. I found a job in a relevant field after completing Smartcademy’s Data Analytics course. I was previously in a research-related role, and I am now a Data Engineer at Liteon.


Why did you choose to take up Smartcademy’s Data Analytics course?

Programming has always been my area of interest. All of my data-relevant skills were self-taught and not as in-depth. I decided to take up the Data Analytics course at Smartcademy to strengthen my foundation in learning key skills like Python.


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The lessons were taught online via zoom. The curricula, course material, class participative components, and assignments were well planned out.

The key takeaway from this course is the Data Visualisation and Storytelling. From the course, I understood the importance of the different ways to make sense of data and to have it tell a story.


How has the course helped you secure your current job role?

The data analytic skills I have picked up from the course are highly transferable. During the interview for my current role, I was equipped with the fundamentals of Data Analytics through the course and was able to answer all relevant questions confidently. I recommend everyone to take up the course even if you are not working in the tech industry as data analytics can be applied across all job functions.


Summarise your experience with Smartcademy in one word.

If I were to summarise my experience at Smartcademy in one word, it will be Valuable.