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Wong Wai Yi
Digital Marketing Executive, Singapore Airlines

Meet Wai Yi, an alumna of Smartcademy’s Intro to Digital Marketing Course.


Wai Yi, Digital Marketing Executive at Singapore Airlines knew the importance of upskilling herself to improve graduate employability. Learning from industry professionals armed with real-world case studies and insights added practical experience to the theoretical knowledge she learned in school.



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Intro to Digital Marketing Course

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Hi! My name is Wai Yi! Completing the Smartcademy Digital Marketing course has helped me secure my current role as a Digital Marketing Executive at Singapore Airlines.


Why did you decide to learn Digital Marketing at Smartcademy?

I chanced upon Smartcademy Digital Marketing Course at the peak of the pandemic during circuit breaker. Back then, I thought that it was best to take the chance to upskill myself in an area I was keen on. The course is delivered by industry professionals with real-world case studies and insights – which are nice additions to the theoretical knowledge I’ve learned in school.


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I like that the course was very structured, and the materials were comprehensive as well. My instructor was also very knowledgeable and eloquent in his presentation skills. This made the class very enjoyable and interactive despite it being 100% online. He also regularly shared best industry practices to help us relate better to the topics taught.


How has the course empowered you in your career journey?

I learned a lot as the instructor provided many tools that we can use to assess a company’s Digital Marketing strategic competency. Before my interview with Singapore Airlines (SIA), I used these tools to analyse their Digital Marketing strategy which I feel, really helped me demonstrate my knowledge in this field.

Even though it was a short 4-week course, I think it has imparted the foundation and key concepts of Digital Marketing like SEO, SEM, and paid media. With this knowledge, I was able to quickly transition better into my current role by having a better understanding of the ongoing projects.


Summarise your experience with Smartcademy in one word.

If I could summarise my experience at Smartcademy in one word, it would be, Enriching!