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Brand Marketing Associate, Klook

Meet Sindoori, an alumna of Smartcademy’s Intro to Digital Marketing Course.


Sindoori, now a Brand Marketing Associate at Klook took a good leap of faith to pursue her passion despite having zero background in marketing. The Smartcademy Digital Marketing course provided her to land her first Marketing contract role at Google.



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Intro to Digital Marketing Course

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Hi, my name is Sindoori! I majored in Maritime back in University. Taking up the Smartcademy’s Digital Marketing course helped me to successfully pivot my career path that’s aligned with my passion. The course helped me land my first Marketing contract role at Google and I am now a Brand Marketing Associate at Klook.


Why did you decide to learn Digital Marketing at Smartcademy?

I always knew I wanted to venture into marketing, however, I didn't have enough theoretical context or a good understanding of what the function entails. I also have this philosophy of learning a new skill every year, so when I saw the Smartcademy’s Digital Marketing course - I just went for it.


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The course provided me with a strong foundation on what marketing is all about. It covers extensively, the technical skills and jargon like SEO, SEM, CRM, etc. which enables me to understand these better in my area of work.


How has the course empowered you in your career journey?

It was a good leap of faith for someone like me who didn't have a marketing-related degree because it gave me a quick and complete introduction to marketing. It also further demonstrates to potential employers my keenness in expanding marketing skill sets so that helps to score some points there!


Summarise your experience with Smartcademy in one word.

If I could summarise my experience at Smartcademy in one word, it would be, Interactive!