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Zack Ho
Business Development Manager, Marketing @ Philip Capital

Meet Zack Ho, an alumnus of Smartcademy’s Intro to Digital Marketing Course. Zack charted a career switch from the hospitality industry to a Business Development Marketing Manager at Phillip Capital. Completing the Digital Marketing course has equipped him with the foundation required to facilitate the career switch.



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Intro to Digital Marketing Course

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Hi! My name is Zack. I was previously in the hospitality industry before switching over to a marketing-related role. The Smartcademy Digital Marketing course facilitated my career switch by equipping me with a strong Digital Marketing knowledge.


Why did you choose to take up Smartcademy’s Intro to Digital Marketing course?

I wanted to improve my employment prospects due to the pandemic. With the shifting trend on media spending to digital spaces, I wanted to understand the different ways of using social media channels and also learn to analyse the performance of digital campaigns.


Share your learning experiences at Smartcademy with us.

The course schedule was flexible and aligned with my own.

The learning journey in itself was great, the trainer was firm and interactive. There was a hands-on capstone project that helped me identify what my current role/ function required.  We were also given a wide array of real-world case studies to help us understand the different media channels and analytics.


How has the course empowered you in your career journey?

Taking up the course has helped with my job search and career prospects as it gave me a better understanding of the different features and market trends of digital media to tackle the relevant questions at interviews. This has helped me to secure my current job role as a Business Development Marketing Manager at Philip Capital.


Summarise your experience with Smartcademy in one word.

If I were to summarise my experience at Smartcademy in one word, it will be Fulfilling.