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Germaine Ng
Product Executive, White Coat

Meet Germaine Ng, an alumna of Smartcademy’s Intro to User Experience Design course.


Germaine, a Product Executive at WhiteCoat, grew an interest in the area of UX Design. She eventually took up the Smartcademy's UX Design Course to help complement her area of work in providing a positive and seamless application experience for users.



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Intro to UX Design Course

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Hi, my name is Germaine! I’m currently a Product Executive at WhiteCoat. The UX Design course has provided me with the essential knowledge to complement my area of work in providing a positive and seamless application experience for users.


Why did you decide to learn UX Design at Smartcademy?

I was briefly exposed to the UX function back at my first job at a digital agency. From there, my interest in UX grew, and I wanted to understand in-depth what a good user experience on digital products entails. In addition, my company has talents specialising in UI but not UX, so I decided to look out for UX courses that can add value to my current function of work.


Share your learning experiences at Smartcademy with us.

The course took us through the basics and prototyping on Figma and had mini-projects to help ingrain these skills into my memory. Furthermore, the projects were done as a group, so it mimicked team discussions at work. The trainer was more than willing to answer all our questions and the whole course was really hands-on, so I really enjoyed it!


How has the course empowered you in your career journey?

With more companies moving towards digital products, there are also more opportunities for such roles. I think having knowledge in UX has provided me with a bit more of a competitive edge over other job applicants especially since consumers’ products are designed to provide a seamless experience for their users.


Summarise your experience with Smartcademy in one word.

If I could summarise my experience at Smartcademy in one word, it would be, Interactive!