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Leow Rou Shan
Red Airship, Front-end Developer

Meet Rou Shan, an alumna of Smartcademy’s Intro to User Experience Design course.


Rou Shan secured a job as a Front-end Developer at Red Airship upon completing the UX Design course. As an avid learner, she took up the course despite having no prior background - she has since been able to apply the knowledge acquired to her current job role.



Completed Courses

Intro to User Experience Design Course

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Hi. My name is Rou Shan. I secured a job in a relevant field after completing Smartcademy’s Intro To User Experience Design course.


Why did you choose to take up the Smartcademy’s Intro to User Experience Design course?

I decided to take up the UX Design course because I had no prior knowledge of any UX design. As a front-end developer, one would have to come across some design wireframes, hence having some knowledge in UI/UX would greatly help expand my employment prospects.


Why did you choose to study with Smartcademy over other course providers?

There are great reviews about Smartcademy’s Courses, such as how students were able to learn a lot in a short but sufficient amount of time. I also found out that there are various workshops and employment opportunities extended to the alumni by Smartcademy’s industry partners as well!


Share your learning experiences at Smartcademy with us.

There were design exercises, case studies, and a final team presentation on improving UX for an actual app which I felt were very relevant to the job scopes of a UI/UX designer. I learned about design concepts and user flow and I could provide useful insights on ways to improve the user design flow, and also point out some design inconsistencies in my area of work.


How did the course help you in securing your current job role?

During my job interview, I mentioned that I took up an UX Design course to better communicate with designers. I shared how I am now able to better understand the user experience flow to provide suggestions/improvements for a more intuitive experience. I believe that helped improve my chances in landing the job.


Summarise your experience with Smartcademy in one word.

If I were to summarise my experience at Smartcademy in one word, it will be Fulfilling.