What our student say about us

I would say this is a good place to start learning for beginners who want to join the mobile app industry. This course is beginner friendly and the best part is, you get to drill the instructor with all the questions you have


Brendan, Completed Intro To Digital Marketing

I have never coded before and I was surprised to find out that it was fun and interactive. In fact, I even built a web app within the duration of the course. I am certain the skills I picked up from this course can help me to kickstart my journey in the web development industry.


Joyce, Completed Intro To Web App Development

It was a great choice for me to pick up User Experience (UX) Design from Smartcademy as they provide the best trainers to give us a full understanding of UX and how it can help companies anticipate a user’s needs and wants driving a greater sense of brand loyalty.


Ravi, Completed Intro User Experience Design

A practical course whereby we really learn the true essence of digital marketing instead of theory-based knowledge. We had lots of hands-on activities such as running a real marketing campaign on Facebook & Instagram. This is a program I would recommend to my circle of friends if they are interested in Digital Marketing.


Sandra, Completed Intro To Digital Marketing

I didn’t expect much when I came for this course and I had a huge takeaway from this course in terms of the thought process a UX designer thinks. I am happy that this course gave me the foundation to explore the User Experience Design field.

Jasmine, Completed Intro To User Experience Design

This course goes straight to the point to teach us the skills required in the workforce. Highly recommended for individuals who are looking to enter the web development industry.

Adam, Completed Intro To Web App Development

An industry relevant course that I would recommend to my friends if they are looking to explore this field. Well structured and curated course modules which prepares us for the real world.

Eugene, Completed Intro To Digital Marketing

Pleased that this course actually teaches us the React Native framework which can be used to build both iOS and Android mobile applications. This is very practical for start-ups since we can only afford to hire one developer to build our mobile app.

Amanda, Completed Intro To Mobile Application Development

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