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Why Web App Development?

As shown in an infographic on Straits Times in January 2019, web developer is most of the most in-demand job in Singapore this year. The infographic came from Ministry of Manpower (MOM) which gave it even more credibility. Since web development is one of the fastest growing jobs in the industry right now, the demand will only get greater in the near future.

Join the dynamic industry of software/web by taking up our Intro To Web App Development course. Our specially curated modules are updated regularly to ensure quality and satisfaction. Jumpstart your new career path!

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Essential Skillset
Create your first website
Build your portfolio

Our Instructors

Choo Yan Sheng
Paul Chor


  • Our course spans across 6 lessons
  • Lesson duration: 3 hours
  • Food will be provided

Course Fees

Course Fee: $2500


October 2019 Cohort

  • To be confirmed

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Lesson 1

Introduction to Web App Development and Progressive Web App Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Web App Development
  • Types of Web App Development Frameworks
  • Introduction to Progressive Web App
  • What is Progressive Web App?
  • Why build a Progressive Web App?
  • How It Works
  • Application Shell
  • Service Worker
  • Web Content
  • Web Server
  • Local Storage
  • Introduction of Developer Tools (Visual Studio Code editor and Google Chrome browser)
  • Hello World Web App
  • Essential Building Blocks of Progressive Web App

Lesson 2

Internet Architecture and HyperText Mark Language 5 (HTML5)

  • Internet Architecture
  • Client-Server Model
  • Domain Name System
  • What is HyperText Markup Language 5 (HTML5)?
  • HTML5 Syntax (Tags and Attributes)
  • HTML5 File Structure
  • Types of HTML5 Elements
  • HTML5 Document Object Model
  • Portfolio Web App (Part 1)

Lesson 3

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) and Responsive Web Interface Design

  • What is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)?
  • CSS3 Syntax (Selectors and Declarations)
  • CSS3 File Structure
  • Types of CSS3 Selectors
  • Colours and Palettes
  • Typography
  • Layout with Flexbox
  • Responsive Web Design Basics
  • Responsive Web Design Patterns
  • Responsive Images
  • Multi-Device Content
  • Portfolio Web App (Part 2)

Lesson 4

Modern ES6 JavaScript Language (JS) and Web App Animations

  • What are ES6 JavaScript (JS)?
  • JavaScript Syntax (Variables and Expressions)
  • JavaScript File Structure
  • Types of JavaScript Elements
  • JavaScript Engine
  • What is Web App Animations?
  • Types of Web App Animations
  • CSS3-based animations
  • JavaScript-based animations
  • Portfolio Web App (Part 3)

Lesson 5

Data Flow Fundamentals, Application Programming Interface (API) and Representational State Transfer (RESTful)

  • Data Flow Fundamentals
  • How does Data Flow within Progressive Web App?
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Representational State Transfer (RESTful)
  • HTTP Methods and Response Codes
  • Making Network Requests
  • Fetch
  • SDK
  • Promises
  • Async/Await
  • Portfolio Web App (Part 4)

Lesson 6

Database Fundamentals, Web Local Storage using IndexedDB and Rapid Prototyping

  • Database Fundamentals
  • Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations
  • Web Local Storage
  • IndexedDB
  • Portfolio Web App (Part 5)
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Minimum Viable Prototype
  • Types of Prototyping Techniques
  • Types of Validation Techniques
  • Lean Experiment
  • Software Unit Testing
  • Course Review and Summary


This course goes straight to the point to teach us the skills required in the workforce. Highly recommended for individuals who are looking to enter the web development industry.


I have never coded before and I was surprised to find out that it was fun and interactive. In fact I even built a web app within the duration of the course.


First I would like to say, it's beginner-friendly, instructor makes sure everyone is on the same page before moving on. Secondly, the course is curated in a way where we learn and apply. Lastly, I can now create a website on my own.


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