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Uncategorized May 25 2023
What is User Experience Design and Why is it Important?

User experience, or UX, has been growing in importance, in tandem with the evolution of marketing and its influence on how businesses establish themselves in the market today. As they find ways to endear themselves to their customers, both current and future, UX becomes frequently used as a way to personalise the user’s journey with a particular business, keeping them loyal to the product or brand. If you’re considering enrolling in UX courses in Singapore and becoming an intricate part of how businesses stay relevant, this article will give you a deeper insight into what UX is all about, and why so many businesses swear by them.


What is UX?


What is UX in Singapore


More than a jumble of words and designs, UX is a well-thought-out process that leads a user seamlessly through a brand’s website with the ultimate goal of covertly guiding them to the desired action, such as engaging the brand’s services or buying their products, for instance. It is also essential, the mediator between what the business offers and the consumer; it decides whether the customer comes back for more or leaves for a less complicated competitor. To keep them in your site or app, the most important objective is to make it as easy to understand as possible, as users will be coming from all walks of life with varying levels of relevant knowledge. They should be able to comprehend exactly what your business offers in a very short amount of time, or they’ll lose interest and search elsewhere. As you enrol in a UX design course in Singapore, you will be equipped with the fundamentals and instincts of what good UX comprises.


The Importance of Good UX


Importance of Good UX in Singapore


As mentioned, well-designed UX allows users to efficiently and naturally navigate a service, increasing the chances of them sticking around and eventually completing targeted or directed actions. To execute a good design, two fundamental questions must first be asked — “Who are our target audiences?” and “How would they use our product?” Through UX courses in Singapore, you will gain the ability to guide users along the desired path whilst creating a rewarding experience, separating your brand from your competition. 


The UX Thought Process


UX Courses in Singapore Design Process


Designing good UX requires a thorough thought process that encompasses everything from identifying your potential user profiles to collecting data from test users, and then tweaking your UX to optimise their experience on your site or app. While the process varies for different UX campaigns, they usually start with knowing your audience, as that helps you define essential design elements like tone of voice, emotions, aesthetics, and so on. It also allows you to better understand what your audience’s “pain points” are, and why/how they could benefit from your product or services.


Once you have a draft ready to go, collect feedback by having different folks try it out. Using tools like Google Optimize allows you to easily compare results from different drafts in order to better identify what works and what doesn’t. User feedback is extremely important, just like how having an article proofread by someone else can help identify errors that you probably wouldn’t be able to notice on your own. Similarly, aspects of the UX that you thought might or might not work could be perceived differently by different users. This gives you a better perspective on the overall picture.


Many large, successful companies in the past few years have credited good UX for the explosive growth that they’ve experienced, and it’s one of the few buzzwords in marketing today. Be the catalyst of your organisation’s growth today, and sign up for Smartcademy’s UX design course in Singapore